Baby Elephant to Be Taken Away From Abusers!

We have exciting news about Sunder, an abused baby elephant who has captured the hearts of people worldwide, including Paul McCartney. Thanks to the ceaseless work of PETA India and Animal Rahat, Indian officials today issued an order that Sunder—who is covered with wounds from beatings and whose eye was injured with a bullhook—is to be taken from the temple where he has been held captive in spiked chains and placed in the custody of the forestry department.

Sunder is to be removed from the temple and rehabilitated in a wildlife rescue-and-rehabilitation center near Bangalore.  Thanks to everyone who urged the forest minister to take action! We won’t stop pushing until Sunder is with a herd and free from abuse!


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  • Janice Wolski

    I know life is not black and white….there are gray areas; however, SUNDERS story was black and white…it was simply just 100% wrong. Thank you Peta India, Animal Rahat and whoever was involved in galvanizing his release. He should have his life…that is his right. Please keep us updated as we want to know he is finally safe. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • sailor

    This is great news! Hare Krishna

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you Animal Rahat for saving this baby elephant (and all of the other rescues you do)!!

  • Jan Hughes

    Was so, so happy to read this delightful news today. I hope the powers that be do not delay her freedom any longer and may she live the rest of her life free and happy.

  • mary arthur

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU!!!!! I have been heartsick about this. Now I am wondering WHEN this move is to happen because it has been sometime since the decision was made to move him. Please tell me his situation has improved while he awaits his removal to a better life. I love all you people who do SO MUCH fo the animals. Thank you again

  • kim Lavery

    This is absolutely phenomenal – animals like Sunder are simply innocent lambs to the slaughter thank you so much for all your hard work to release and free beautiful animals like sunder into a life that they deserve – please keep us updated – bless you xx

  • Elizabeth Lanson

    THANK GOD! I ws praying for Sunder and all the other Sunder’s out there.

    If you can send some “AFTER” pictures when SUNDER is in a Safe place, please do!

  • Karen Saucedo

    I’m glad to read the update that Sunder is soon to be released from Temple of Doom.
    I will really rest when PETA reports that it has been done.
    My question is that you refer to him in this article as a baby but in the earlier article, you stated that at 13 yrs of age, he is a juvenile. We ARE talking about the same elephant?

    I thank PETA for all the wonderful work you do on behalf of the animals. PETA has it’s critics to be sure but they are completely unaware of the undercover investigations you conduct and the legal wrangling you engage in to handle so many horrific cases.

    Again, thank you, PETA. And, please let us know when SUNDER is free so we can celebrate with him in spirit. :-)

    • Karen Saucedo

      And, THANK YOU, ANIMAL RAHAT. I left you, the key ingredient to Sunder’s hopeful good fortune, out of my earlier message. BLESS YOU.

  • Karen

    Although he has endured abuse and beatings, this little elephants eyes shine with love…he is perfect and I am praying he gets a wonderful home with a family
    thank you to everyone who did not quit, took action and rescued this beautiful baby.

  • Wendy Burr

    It is very gratifying to learn that, because of the actions of so many caring people, Sunder may soon be released from his miserable condition. We CAN make a difference!
    Please continue to post updates. I look forward to learning when Sunder is finally free!

  • Jaya

    Thanks so much Peta India. The temples have no right to own elephants and then to treat them like this.

  • janice Pereira



  • priya kannan

    Great work let hope sunder will enjoy his remaining life happily.Thanks to PETA India

  • Marie Hill

    This was supposed to happen some time ago… what is the updated version of Sundar…thanks

    • Bobbi Doolittle

      please give us updates on sunder..please don’t leave him there any longer..don’t forget about him like mr.mccartney did…peta thank you for the work you do ,but please stay on top of this one….sunder deserves to have freedom and a life without abuse….thank everyone very much and god bless each and everyone of you and I know god is taking care of sunder and I know he will deal with the abusers……don’t forget to give us updates…THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Leela

    Thank you to everyone involved. One temple elephant rescued – how many more to go?
    Is it possible to push for legislation banning the abuse of elephants in India altogether?
    One would assume that of all places in the world, India would be the one where abuse of elephants would be recognized as insult to Shri Ganesha.

  • Olive long

    Please send this little baby elephant to his freedom with a herd.

  • Doreen Catuara

    Thank you Peta India for saving Sunders. What a beautiful elephant. He deserves to live a peaceful life as does EVERY animal in this world. I would love to BEAT those people who did this to Sunders.

  • Brinezza

    This is great news Was so happy to read this.
    Please continue to post updates.
    Thank you Animal Rahat for saving this baby elephant.

  • Alison Cassidy

    What is it about elephants? They seem to touch us homo sapiens in ways difficult to articulate in words. Bless all those whose actions have changed the life of this little lad. Fingers crossed for a happy landing.

  • Barry Kybird

    Its been 4 months since it was announced that Sunder WOULD go to a sanctuary, but NO
    confirmation IF he has been moved yet ?

    Can anyone enlighten me please ?……….he could have walked to the sanctuary near Bangalore by now !

  • mrs susan lester

    i am so please that this poor elephant will soon be free paul mccartney and pamela anderson have helped him so much as well, i cant wait until i se him safe in a lovely clean sanctuary with other elephants, i love all animals and it makes me so sad how people abuse them we love our two rescued dogs so much we could never think of hurting any animal.

  • Moki

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy!! I can finally breath a sigh of relief now! Thank you Animal Rahat, for your pressuring to save this beautiful animal from disgusting abuse, and all the other special lives as well! <3 Yay Baby Sunder! <3

  • Nina

    @ Elizabeth Lanson, I agree! ‘After’ pictures when this precious boy is happy, healthy and thriving would be smashing! 😀 Way to go guys! Love you Sunder!!

  • Marcia

    So happy this poor little elephant has been taken from his abusers. Many more animals would be suffering were it not for Animal Rahat. Unfortunate that so much help is needed for those being abused by irresponsible, sadistic people.

  • geraldine burton

    Any updates on Sunders plight !!