Help Sunder, an Elephant Chained and Beaten, Finally Gain Freedom

For six years, Sunder was chained and abused at the Jyotiba temple in Kolhapur, India, but the Maharashtra Forest Department and Project Elephant gave orders to retire Sunder to a sanctuary. Instead, Maharashtra Member of Legislative Assembly Vinay Kore, who had given the elephant as a “gift” to the temple, sent him to be chained in an old, dark poultry shed in Warananagar.

2012-05.Sunder chained

Please click here to urge authorities to transfer Sunder to the Wildlife SOS elephant center in Mathura immediately.


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  • mmanikandanaathan

    free sunder gain punya

  • Crista

    This letter purpose is to urge authorities to move Sunder to the wildlife SOS sanctuary in mathura immediately. This is the right and moral action to take.
    Thank you-
    A concerned American citizen

  • J Lawrence

    Please rescue this beautiful young elephant before it’s too late for him and he gives up on his miserable existence. These gorgeous animals do not like to be on their own they are herd animals and need to be with other elephants. No one should be beating this poor boy, he cannot help being as big as he is and as strong as he is. PLEASE PLEASE release this poor mite.

  • Fatima Ahmed

    I beg the concerned authorities to transfer Sunder to the Wildlife Elephant centre in Mathura immediately. Isn’t a six-year long torture enough for a poor, helpless animal? And why? What has he done to suffer such brutality? Please take immediate action. His tormentor, the
    cruel mahaut, should be given the severest punishment possible.




    i’m sure you are going to do the right thing, send this beautiful elephant to retire

  • Tabs Mills

    please allow this poor abused elephant to go to a sanctuary, to live in peace and happiness! Thank you!

  • Susan Mackay

    The time has come, let the beast free now

  • Brandy Monroe

    Sunder needs to go to The Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC). The High Court has ordered Sunder’s release. Sunder’s well-being that is important — not to mention at risk — here.

  • claudia hernandez

    For the love of God, please find it in your heart to help free Sunder, this beautiful boy needs it

  • christina klein

    Please give him a species-appropriate habitat, this is animal cruelty!

  • Andrea Hunting

    This must stop now

  • a a vijay kumar

    I appreciate your efforts to save this elephant. Such a magnificent animals made to live a pitiable life.

  • Kim short

    Free him!!!! Can’t even believe this is going on !!!

  • Bernadette LaPonte

    There are so many people begging for Sunder’s freedom. If you want the world to see you are a nation of compassion, then do what you know is right. How you can view that horrific video of Sunder being beaten while he Is chained by two legs and not immediately react to have him relocated is unfathomable. Elephants are one of the most intelligent, beautiful, loving creatures known to man and yet you are condoning and prolonging his abuse. Please give him the life he deserves where he can experience human kindness for the first time and learn that all men are not his enemy but a friend that will love and appreciate the true gift that he is. FREE SUNDER NOW, PLEASE! An American who wants justice.

  • Judy malone

    Sunder’s appalling story is now known around the world. It is impossible to understand why your government cannot or will not intervene. We certainly hope to read by the end of this month that she is on the road to a sanctuary and to recovery.

  • Kate Garner

    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Lisa D’Abramo

    Please, whoever can help Sunder do it now.
    I read India considers elephants property-OK, if that’s the case why is it necessary to mistreat and abuse this beautiful animal regardless of Sunder being considered property.

    I fail to see any logic in allowing this abuse to continue.
    For the sake of humanity, and for the sake of Sunder, get Sunder to a safe and secure place and provide the necessary care.

    Shame on those committing this atrocity
    Shame on those for allowing it, and not following through those judgments that are supposed to free Sunder!
    The world is watching and waiting.

    Lisa D’Abramo