Horses treated at the Kartiki fair

2013-11.Kartiki fair1

At a festival called the Kartiki fair horses were forced to dance while wearing spiked bits, which tore at their mouths. Animal Rahat treated horses there who suffered from eye infections and other ailments, distributed dozens of free face harnesses for bullocks to replace the use of painful nose ropes, and erected a poster gallery with photographs showing cruel treatment of horses and bullocks. This exhibit attracted hundreds of visitors, and Animal Rahat was able to tell them about the harm caused by whips, yoke spikes, overloaded carts, dehydration, malnutrition, and other abuse. We also stopped the sale of spiked bits at the fair.


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  • Patricia Akers

    This is another horrifically cruel treatment to horses for so-called “entertainment”! These animals suffer under the barbaric practice from humans. It’s disgusting, and I’m glad at least these spiked bits won’t be sold at this fair, but they should be banned worldwide!