Meet Laxmi and Shahu

This little fellow is Shahu—a 3-week-old puppy who was wandering alone along a busy road with heavy truck traffic. After searching for his mother with no luck, Animal Rahat took him to the home for retired bullocks, where he is now safe. The same goes for little Laxmi:


She’s only a week or so older than Shahu, and she, too, was trying to survive without a mother. These two will grow up together as “siblings” and—thanks to your support—will never know the anguish, hunger, illness, and injuries that plague India’s “street dogs.”

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  • Lester Smiley

    OMG, so cute. Thank you animal rahat, for taking care of these precious angel babies.

  • shahil shah

    Great job. Keep it up :)

  • emma

    thank you!!! xxx

  • Juliet

    An overwhelming ‘Thank you’ for your continuous compassion, courage and endurance in helping meet animal needs. Juliet