Rahat scout saves goat from painful collar

In addition to being available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency calls, Animal Rahat also sometimes sends staffers to scout villages for animals in need of help. This tactic has given relief to countless animals whose suffering would have otherwise gone unnoticed and unabated. We are looking for a guardian angel to pay for a permanent scout, as the number of cases that we find truly merits that.

For example, a Rahat scout discovered this goat, whose owner had forced her to wear a crude collar made of long sticks in order to immobilize her neck. Seeing that the collar was making it difficult for the goat to walk and impossible for her to turn her head to shoo flies off her body, our scout asked her owner to remove the cruel device. The owner explained that he had made the collar because the goat was drinking her own milk. Our scout replied that the reason she did this was because her kid had been taken away from her and she was in pain from being milked too infrequently. After assuring the owner that milking the goat on a frequent and regular schedule would solve the problem, our scout convinced him to free her from the nightmarish collar.

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