Street theater with a message of compassion

During the Bail Pola celebration in the village of Kawathe, Animal Rahat organized street theater for hundreds of children with a message of compassion for bullocks.

While evaluating conditions for animals in a small village in the Solapur district, an Animal Rahat staffer noticed that many animals were suffering from dehydration. He met with some local residents and learned that water sources were scarce in the village but that there was one man, Mr. Mane, who had a reliable water supply. The Animal Rahat staffer met with Mr. Mane and, although it took some convincing, persuaded him to help.

Animal Rahat installed a water tank, and Mr. Mane now fills it several times a day and keeps it clean. As a result, 170 bullocks as well as other animals have been given relief from burning throats, muscle cramps, and other debilitating effects of dehydration.

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