Sunder update: The temple is fighting the order and hiding Sunder

As you know, we have been working hard to free Sunder, a young elephant kept chained and isolated by the Jyotiba Temple and beaten by his ruthless mahout. Last month, we had a breakthrough when worldwide campaigning by our international affiliates resulted in an order from the forest minister to transfer Sunder to an approved holding place.

Unfortunately, the latest news is extremely worrisome. The temple is fighting the order and is hiding Sunder in order to keep the news cameras away. We heard from a few journalists that he was being hidden at a dairy plant, but when the Rahat team checked, there was no trace of him. Further inquiries revealed that Sunder was in a factory behind the dairy, but security guards would not let the Rahat team inside nor would they answer any questions. We are still doing everything possible to rescue this long-suffering elephant and will not give up until he is free. We recently held a news conference and a public demonstration in support of his retirement, and we are preparing for a possible court case. Please cross your fingers. I will, of course, keep you posted.


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  • raquel escobar

    Please have some mercy on this poor creature!

  • Dawni

    Hoping all goes well and Sunder gets the freedom he deserves.

  • mandeep

    do something we all are with you?

  • Ch. Sai Sanjay

    God , save this kind animal !!! Praying !!!!!

  • Marie Hill

    Thank you for the up-dates

    I have followed your posts about Sundar for a long time and it saddens me to know he has not been given his freedom. These people will be brought to justice and Sundar will one day be re-united with his own kind and live out his life happy and free from his captures. He has earned his right on this planet to do what elephants do…..I know PETA will never give up and hope is something you give up everyday. Without hope where would the human race be… Sundar will know one day that his hopes and dreams were answered…Thank you again for all your wonderful kindness towards animals…I will be waiting for the news that he is now free and living well….

  • jo Russell

    Please find this poor elephant a good home. I can’t bear to see him in chains. He deserves a good life.

  • maxine jaffee

    Please include me on your email list re: the plight of Sunder.

  • A. van Oppenraay

    There is a decision from a judge already. So why is this not implemented by the police?

  • Patrica Pocrat

    Please please get this poor elephant away from this life of misery. They cannot get away with what they are willingly doing to him. Find him now before they torture him to death. This is so awful that I cannot sleep at night since I first heard of this story. Something needs done now before they kill him. Please rush this possible court case and get detectives to find Sunder and get him out of where they have him. Who does the people think they are? Why not chain them and poke out their eyes and beat them like they did Sunder. I am so angry that this has been going on in this cruel world. What kind of humankind does this to an innocent elephant?????

  • Heather

    Dear forest minister,

    How would you like to have both of your hands chained together and one feet tied to a short chain all day and all night? They feel physical pains and emotional pains. Have you seen and heard two elephants roar and cry when separated two (they had mother-daughter like relationship) met each other for the first time in years? Please let this intelligent animal with incredible compassion live a nice life.

  • Alicia Sasway

    Please help this precious elephant…….one of God’s precious creatures…..this elephant does not deserve to be treated cruelly. Sunder does deserve love and kindness. The mahout that beats Sunder is wrong and doing evil…..does he not know that God sees his cruelty! This is wrong……to treat any animal cruelly is against God and no animals deserves such treatment. Please let Sunder go to a happy home where he can get medical help and be with other elephants. Thank you.

  • Rolanda

    We beg you to PLEASE release him. He has suffered enough. His kind are dwindling at an alarming rate. HE DESERVES FREEDOM AND LOVE!

  • Collaud Françoise

    What a shame oin YOU !!!
    You insult Shri Ganesha by insulting éléphants !!

  • Collaud Françoise

    You are insulting Shri Ganesha !!
    Shame on YOU !

  • Luanne

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on these “temples” that exploit and abuse…..Poor Sunder. What can we do?

  • Sandra Leftwich

    PLEASE, PLEASE give this beautiful the freedom it deserves. There is absolutely nothing more horrible than being taken away from your own kind and kept on a chair. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? Please do the right thing and help this elephant. Karma is real, as I’m sure you know. Anyone who doesn’t help is part of those doing the harm.

  • Jan Madison

    Why are you barbaric peopl doing this to this majestic creature……money….? Temples are suppose to be holy places…….you dishonor this…….to hell with you..all


    free this traumatized creature!!!

  • Annette Howell

    Please get him out of there quickly before it’s too late. These people are vicious! Lord, please help this baby out! Praying.

  • Suzanne

    Have some mercy

  • Tracey Claxton

    The temple should finally do the right thing and release Sunder so he can receive all the love and care he is going to need to recover from this awful live he’s had to endure.. Thank you so much for everything you are all doing to free him – We are all with you in spirit <3

  • lynn

    How can you do this to this animal? What kind of people are you? Let him go and live the life GOD gave him

  • Lucy Sullivan

    This is not what God intended for this magnificent creature; please give him PEACE!

  • Peggy Fearing Hankin

    Have compassion and humility. Please be Humane and give this amazing elephant a life in a Sanctuary without pain and loneliness.

  • Peggy Fearing Hankin

    Blessed are those who do good deeds. Free Sunder from the chains that bind her to misery.

  • ann garcia

    Animals are God’s creatures, too. They have feelings, too, just as we do. We should treat all animals as we would wish to be treated.

  • tina mattocks

    What is wrong with you people! How would you like this to be done to you. You are an insult to Shri Ganesha!

  • bridgette vitilio

    I’m crying. So worried. I’m curious. ..will they be allowed to own animals of any kind including elephants like sunder??? They should NEVER be allowed to be in charge and or supervise an animal or child…ever……I pray for Sunder..please save him I’ll do anything all these animals need help :'(….

  • ja’net

    What court in this land would approve anyone to abuse a animal,these people need to release this poor animal,cameras or not,if word gets out this poor elephant has been killed the cameras aren’t going to be a concern,than they will have to worry about being treated the same way they chose to treat this beautiful creature of God almighty in prison.a eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth.UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!