Sunder Update


I have an update on Sunder, the juvenile elephant we’ve been working to free from the clutches of the Jyotiba Temple, where he has been badly beaten and kept constantly chained (often by all fours, as you can see by the chain marks on his hind legs) and totally isolated in a dark chicken shed when not used as a living begging bowl. As you may recall, we had a breakthrough last fall when our worldwide advocacy campaign resulted in an official order from the Indian minister of environment and forests to transfer Sunder to an approved holding place. Everyone was overjoyed, but then the temple fought the order and officials backed off out of fear of religious retribution. To make matters even worse, the temple hid Sunder so that our vets couldn’t monitor him or provide the veterinary care that he needed.

The good news is that after months of attempting to locate Sunder, we have at last found where he’s being hidden. Someone was able to snap this photo but unable to have any contact with him. We are now bringing a new case to court to try to compel the temple trustees to release Sunder, so please keep your fingers firmly crossed.


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  • Marie

    Thank you PETA India

  • sharon

    please release this precious angel and let her retire and know what freedom is, she has paid her dues whatever you felt she owed you.

  • Brunila De SOuza

    Please save Sunder. These priests are far from priests , the fact they can ill treat an animal. According to the Hindu religion you must respect all forms of life. May Lord Buddha save this poor elephant and may PETA and ANimal Rahat able to release him

    Please let us know the latest news about him. Religious institution must be banned from keeping elephants

    Brunila Goa INdia

  • Brunila De SOuza

    Please help save Sunder and give him a peaceful life in the sanctuaries. These priests are illiterate and do not respect animals and therefore should not be allowed to keep them. I hope PETA and Animal Rahat can treat Sunder and save him from his dangerous situation

    Brunila Goa India

  • Alyson Powell

    Please, Please, Please FREE Precious Sunder!!!! She has been badly beaten enough, please FREE HER NOW!!!!! This is atrocious behavior to animals, Tell me, Do You Treat Your Family Members Like This????? FREE HER NOW!!!!!!!!! THANK-YOU!!

  • Ruth

    We trust this beautiful animal will be released soon. Praying for success in all your efforts.

  • Rosemary Miner

    Please release Sunder, this is devastating and cruel. The Priests are of the Devil, must be monsters, not Humans!!! I will be praying to the one and only God to release Sunder!

  • Tim Shannon

    Dear All,

    Whatever it takes to free this poor animal, I would be happy to help. Please cast these “priests” into the chicken coop in his place and give them the Kool Aide!

    Best Regards


  • Jodi gill

    Please, please tell me this nightmare is over!

  • Nicki

    What is going on here? I just became aware of this poor animal and I am looking at years worth of comments? This elephant has been brutally abused for YEARS. Please, please help him. This is horrific! Please tell me what I can do – I want to help.

  • Brooke wertz

    What can we do to help now?

  • Nancy

    Please continue to work tirelessly for the release of Sunder. How sick and cruel it is to abuse any animal, let alone continue to abuse it after the abuse has been brought to light. So horribly upsetting… Praying for Sunder!

  • Mercuria

    This was written months ago. It is now March 26, 2014. Where is Sunder? Is he even alive? Has he been saved???
    The people responsible for his pain and suffering should be chained in a small cage and left to die. They are not worthy of living on the same planet as innocent animals.

  • David P. French

    How can I help get Sunder to a good home.

  • Mark

    I and my family are lifting Sunder up in prayer and this story has broken my heart. Please do whatever it takes for this precious angel to live the life God intended for Sunder. This is beyond sickening and I keep lifting Sunder up in prayer to God to get him away from this abuse that defies logic. Thank you for you efforts to rescue Sunder and I pray this will finally happen SOON.

  • Hamidah Lakhani

    Please free Sunder…not fair. … :(

  • Alicia Nichols

    Please free Sunder the defenseless elephant, from the temple. Mercy please. Thank you PETA India.

  • Janet Cope

    These monsters beating Sunder need prosecuted at the fullest extent of the law. They must be punished