Want to Look Good and Help Animals? Shop Animal Rahat!

animal_rahat_mugs (1)Good news, Animal Rahat fans! You probably know about the lovely Animal Rahat etched mug available on the PETA catalog. But did you know that you can also stock up on some seriously cool merchandise—and help animals—thanks to PETA’s Animal Rahat CafePress store. It’s never been easier to look fashionable and do your part to ease the suffering of India’s working animals.

Rahat means “relief,” which is what Animal Rahat gives to the bullocks, donkeys, ponies, and horses who are forced to haul backbreaking loads in sweltering heat. These animals endure painful yokes, ropes, and beatings with whips and must travel immense distances with little or no water, food, or veterinary care.

Your compassionate purchase will help fund the relief that these neglected animals need so badly. Our store features stylish baseball jerseys for sports fans, tank tops, T-shirts, water bottles, glasses, and even a lovely teapot with our beautiful logo, so you can start your day knowing that your support is helping end animals’ suffering. All it takes is a few simple clicks, and you can be on your way to rocking a fab new look for a truly great cause.

Rahat mug


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  • dharamveer

    good job animal raha.let me know how can I help

    • pramod netke

      do as much possible by you.

  • pramod netke

    frankly expressing my heart weeps about miserable life of animals….i ve understood that i hve born on earth….not to earn money ,neither to enjoy…..instead to assist leans surrounding me….

  • Gia

    Im so happy there is an organization like Animal Rahat to help animals in India…it is a sad and pathetic sight to see the poor working animals suffering under the hands of people.I have seen horses pulling carriages near the Gateway of India that made me weep. They were so thin and malnourished! Animal Rahat, please investigate into this matter too as the carriage drivers were quite cruel to these poor horses.Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!