Did you know that Animal Rahat helped more than 20,000 animals in 2019? Amazing, right? While it’s not possible to revisit every single animal’s story of rescue or rahat (“relief” in Hindi), here are the top 10 blog posts from 2019 as a reminder of all the lives that were improved, thanks to Animal Rahat and its many committed supporters:

1. This Orphaned Owlet’s Life Was at Stake, so Animal Rahat Got Creative
When a baby owlet was orphaned and homeless, Animal Rahat had to get creative to make sure she survived.
A spotted baby owlet sleeps snuggled into a striped blanket.

2. You’re Not Seeing Double! Animal Rahat Saves Two Dogs in Trouble
Yami and Disha were trapped in a deep well until Animal Rahat staff rappelled down and rescued them.
Yami and Disha fell down a deep well and faced a long, painful death from starvation—until Animal Rahat saved their lives.

3. UPDATE: Animals Endangered By Floodwaters in Sangli
Animal Rahat staff work around the clock rescuing animals from flooding in Sangli.
An Animal Rahat staff member watches over an extremely thin bullock as he eats a meal that the team provided. Another thin bullock stands behind them, waiting his turn to eat.

4. Answering a Kitten’s Call for Help
Imagine how exhausted Ghoshal was after balancing on a tiny ledge above water overnight! Now he’s back home with his family, thanks to Animal Rahat.
A tiny, terrified kitten perches on a small ledge 20 feet inside a deep well.

5. UPDATE: Rescued Camels Heading to Animal Rahat’s Sanctuary!
Five rescued camels were saved from slaughter and are on their way to a peaceful, safe life at Animal Rahat’s sanctuary.
The rescued camels stand with their handlers beside a sign welcoming them to Animal Rahat's sanctuary.

6. From Underdog to Campus Star
Animal Rahat saved Rocky the dog from slowly choking to death from an embedded collar.
Rocky the dog sits alone in a storage room at a college dormitory.

7. VIDEO: Once Run Nearly to Death, Now She Only Runs if She Wants To
Animal Rahat rescued a pony who was run nearly to death and whose vulva was stapled shut with copper wire to prevent her from mating.
A brown pony chews some fresh green grass as she looks into the camera.

8. 43 Donkeys and 2 Foals Rescued From Cruel, Illegal Labor
Animal Rahat will guarantee lifetime care for all 45 donkeys rescued from a cruel and illegal sand-mining operation in India.
A donkey and her foal stand together at the sanctuary.

9. Animal Rahat Scores 100% for Dogs Again!
Bavachi is the latest of more than 20 villages in which 100% of the community dogs have been sterilized, thanks to Animal Rahat’s spay/neuter program.
Children in Bavachi pose with a village dog in front of a banner celebrating the sterilization of 100% of the canines.

10. From Sick and Suffering to Savoring Snacks at the Sanctuary
Two formerly sick and suffering bullocks enjoy their new life at Animal Rahat’s sanctuary.
Bullocks Jay and Kishan strain under the weight of a cart piled high with sugarcane. Jay's facial expression is full of distress and blood drips from his nose.