Mechanization campaigns run by Animal Rahat and its partner organization PETA India have led to the rescue of 25 beautiful animals, who are all easing into life as retirees.

These donkeys were welcomed to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Sangli with sweet treats and edible flower garlands.

These 15 donkeys endured a life of hard labor at brick kilns in Maharashtra as they carried heavy loads to and from the scorching kiln. That all changed when Animal Rahat met with their owners and began helping them mechanize their operations.

These ponies have scars and wounds from a life of forced labor. Animal Rahat’s team is tending to their injuries and helping them recover.

Five ponies were welcomed to the Sangli sanctuary, where they now enjoy peace after being forced to haul goods in Miraj in the Sangli district. Animal Rahat staffers were grateful to see the spark of excitement in their eyes when they were brought into the sanctuary for the first time!

Animal Rahat’s veterinarian has placed all these ponies on specialized diets to help bring them to healthy weights.

PETA India secured the retirement of five ponies and transported them to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary outside Delhi. They’ll never again haul another cart. Now they enjoy feasting on fresh grass, carrots, and the occasional treat of sweet jaggery.