2015-06.dog rescued from well (3)

Some of the vital work that Animal Rahat accomplished last month includes providing 930 bullocks, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, and other animals with vital veterinary treatment; holding meetings on wound prevention with donkey owners at six brick kilns; sparing 328 bullocks in seven villages painful horn shearing during Bail Pola celebrations; sterilizing 34 dogs at our spay/neuter clinics; and carrying out numerous lifesaving rescue missions, including saving the dog pictured above, who had fallen down a well, and the crow in the red circle below, who was tangled in kite string and hanging by a wing.

2015-06.rescuing crow (2)

We encounter challenges every day in our work to help animals, but the fact that people like you care keeps us going. Thank you so much for keeping India’s animals in your thoughts and in your heart. We need your continued support very much.