Gundlupet—an area on the border of the southern Indian states of Karnataka and Kerala—is known for its rolling hills of flower farms and soft grass. Now its gorgeous landscape of sunflowers against the beautiful blue Nilgiri hills has something even more spectacular: Animal Rahat’s new sanctuary.

Animal Rahat has previously transferred horses and other equines to a partner sanctuary nearby because of the region’s outstanding grasslands—which are kind to the arthritic joints of animals who have spent a lifetime of forced labor on hard dirt-packed roads and pavement. But when that partner facility reached capacity, Animal Rahat staff had to look for more land in the region.

That’s when they discovered 25 acres for sale that was perfect for a new equine sanctuary!

Now, Animal Rahat is busy securing crews to begin fencing the entire property. Shade canopies, water troughs, sheds, and more must also be installed, and once that’s done, the group will begin transferring animals to their gorgeous new home.

These donkeys were entrusted to Animal Rahat’s care after police broke up an illegal sand-mining scheme for which they were forced to work.

The more than 50 donkeys who are currently living at Animal Rahat’s Sangli sanctuary will love the wide-open spaces they’ll soon get to explore.

PETA India rescued these weary horses from Kolkata’s cruel carriage trade.

Horses who were rescued by PETA India and have been kept in temporary shelter outside Delhi will also get to go to the new sanctuary. PETA India is working fervently to rescue another large number of horses who are in terrible condition yet still forced to haul overloaded carriages in Kolkata. If rescued, they’ll be sent to the new sanctuary, too.

Ponies and mules were rescued by Animal Rahat and PETA India from India’s haulage trade.

And the horses, ponies, and mules who currently live at Animal Rahat’s Ranapur sanctuary with all the rescued bullocks will soon be able to feel the fresh mountain breezes whip through their manes as they run across or relax in the new sanctuary’s lush grass.

While workers are busy making a new home for these precious beings, you can help support them by

donating to Animal Rahat