Animal Rahat’s rescue teams work around the clock to help animals of any species, including pigeons who become entangled in kite string, dogs with their heads stuck in jars, jackals trapped in deep wells, and more.

Take a look at some of those who needed Animal Rahat’s help recently!

This hungry dog’s situation went from bad to worse when he snapped up some carelessly discarded leftovers. Bone fragments wedged in his mouth, so he could no longer eat or drink.

A bone was tightly lodged in this dog’s mouth until Animal Rahat helped him.

This snake was swimming for his life after falling into a deep well. After helping him out and onto dry land, Animal Rahat staff released him into a nearby forest.

Animal Rahat rescued this snake from a deep well.

And this poor donkey, who had stumbled and become trapped in a narrow chamber, was ever so grateful to be freed when the team hoisted him aboveground.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team helped this donkey out of an impossibly tight space.

These remarkable rescues are possible because of Animal Rahat’s generous supporters—please consider making a lifesaving gift today!