From his breakthrough performance in the action thriller Dhoom in 2004 to his starring roles in more than a dozen Bollywood blockbusters since then, actor John Abraham is a revered Indian movie icon. That’s why we’re over the moon about his letter to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan encouraging him to endorse Animal Rahat’s wonderful new video “A Bull’s Life.” You can read his full letter here.

In the video, an animated bull named Sanjay reminds young viewers that bulls are a lot like humans in many ways—they enjoy socializing with friends and eating tasty foods like apples, and they have thoughts and feelings.

Students throughout the Indian state of Maharashtra are already watching the video, and it’s being applauded for helping thousands of students build on their natural empathy toward animals and to extend that empathy to all animals, including humans.

You can watch the video in English, in Marathi, and soon in Hindi, and we’re hopeful the minister will quickly agree to Abraham’s request.