Animal Rahat has given Bollywood power couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt a unique wedding gift to commemorate their horse-free nuptials: It has named two inseparable, rescued horses Ranbir and Alia in their honor.

Ranbir and Alia are sharing their lives at one of Animal Rahat’s sanctuaries.

A wedding is a perfect occasion for anyone to spare a thought for—and show love to—all our fellow sentient beings.

Mare Alia had been forced to perform at wedding ceremonies. When she was found, she had several infected wounds and was so malnourished that her bones looked as if they might pop right through her skin.

This year, thousands of horses like her will face the torment of being used as props for weddings. They’ll be forced to work long into the night, often denied rest or even the most basic veterinary care as they’re shuffled from one ceremony to the next. When it’s not wedding season, they’ll be kept tightly tied in filth-ridden stalls, where they’ll stand for days on end amid their own waste.

Stallion Ranbir had once been forced to haul a heavy Victoria carriage. The unending work wore down his joints, causing arthritis—a common, incurable ailment afflicting many horses condemned to the carriage trade. When PETA India’s team found him, all four of his legs were swollen and he was in tremendous pain.

Alia and Ranbir are living in peace at one of Animal Rahat’s sanctuaries.

Today, both horses are at an Animal Rahat sanctuary receiving the care that they’d so long been denied. They have taken a liking to one another and can almost always be found at each other’s side.