While Animal Rahat scout Ganesh was on the lookout for animals in trouble, he spotted a bull struggling to walk. He parked his motorcycle and offered the bull treats to get in his good graces. Gingerly, the animal sat down and obligingly allowed Ganesh to take a closer look at the cause of his pain.

Animal Rahat’s scout kneels down to help an exhausted bull who could barely walk.

It didn’t take long for Ganesh to notice the bull’s contorted hoof—the obvious cause of his wobbly walk. Performing everyday tasks must have been excruciatingly painful!

This poor bull was barely able to walk because of a severely overgrown hoof.

Ganesh saw the bull’s discomfort, but he knew that most of Animal Rahat’s team were helping other animals in need at the time. He had the hoof-trimming tools he needed on hand and quickly recruited a pair of kind volunteers to help.

The bull watched calmly as the group began trimming all of his hooves. Taking care to double-check their work, Ganesh then groomed the animal affectionately and offered him more treats. When the bull had eaten his fill, he walked away without pain for what must have been the first time in many weeks.

Once Animal Rahat and volunteers had trimmed his hooves, the bull was able to walk away pain-free.