Imagine walking along, thinking pleasant thoughts, when, suddenly, you find yourself falling into a dark pit. You’re alive but stuck—alone and terrified. You can’t move your legs at all, let alone escape.

You’d have no choice but to wait and hope, hope, hope that someone, anyone, would come to rescue you.

A young donkey is trapped inside an open drainage pit.

Thankfully, someone did come to this dear donkey foal’s aid. Animal Rahat staff members were out making their rounds—feeding hungry animals and searching for others in trouble—when they spotted this trapped donkey’s head sticking out of the pit and raced to help him. Who knows how long he’d been trapped there!

Animal Rahat staff members hoist the young donkey out of the drainage pit.

The rescue team worked quickly and carefully to pull the exhausted donkey out of the hole. They gave him a painkiller, treated the minor wounds that he’d sustained from his fall, and offered him a welcome treat of jaggery, a sweet made from sugarcane that donkeys love.

Animal Rahat's veterinary staff members treat abrasions near the donkey's eye.

Animal Rahat's veterinarian applies fly repellant to the animal's wounds.

The veterinarian injects a painkiller to minimize the donkey's discomfort.

As soon as the rescue was complete and the donkey was back on his feet again, the Animal Rahat team covered the pit to prevent other animals from falling in.

The rescue team used stone slabs to cover the drainage pit.

Watch how the Animal Rahat team rescued this trapped donkey—and protected others from the hazardous hole—in this video: