As cars zipped past this donkey on the highway, Animal Rahat’s emergency lines lit up.

This donkey had wandered onto a busy, multilane highway.

When the rescue team arrived, they found this sweet donkey with her hooves firmly planted as she assessed the commotion around her: honking traffic from a busy multilane highway to her left and a steep drop to her right.

Donkeys are frequently misunderstood and labeled “stubborn” when they are unwilling to move, but these stoic animals think things through and rarely panic. With a lead and a tasty piece of jaggery, the team managed to coax her along a narrow pathway on the other side of the highway’s barrier and slowly walked with her for nearly a mile to safety.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team slowly walks the donkey to safety.

After being examined by staff veterinarian Dr. Lonarkar and receiving another treat of jaggery, she was returned to her neighborhood, safe and sound.

After ensuring that she didn’t have any illnesses or injuries, the rescue team released her.