Whether persuading people to treat their animals with compassion, teaching schoolchildren about proper animal care, or taking care of the sanctuary residents, Animal Rahat focuses on the five freedoms of animal welfare for all animals, large and small.

1. Freedom From Hunger and Thirst

It may seem simple, but without clean water and sufficient food, there is no chance for survival.


2. Freedom From Discomfort

Sanctuary resident Rossy lounges in her home within a home. It’s essential that animals be provided with an appropriate environment, including shelter and a comfortable area in which to rest.


3. Freedom From Pain, Injury, and Disease

The team treated this injured dog and continued to check in on him until he had fully recovered.


4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

Sanctuary residents Lalu and Kalu do what comes naturally.


5. Freedom From Fear and Distress

Animal Rahat works to persuade owners to stop tethering animals by two sides. Not only does it greatly restrict their mobility and prevent them from turning their heads to flick a fly or scratch an itch, it also makes them fearful. As a prey species, cattle instinctively want to be able to look in all directions. Bilateral tethering precludes the animals from seeing behind them, which makes them nervous and distressed.