The Animal Rahat rescue team saved more than 196 animals last month from life-threatening situations. Staff is on call 24/7 to assist animals who have fallen into deep wells, become stuck in carelessly discarded plastic jugs, and more.

Take a look at some of the precious souls who were helped recently:

This dog frantically ran into a construction site to escape a fight with other dogs but then fell into a water pipe. Luckily, someone witnessed the chaotic event and called Animal Rahat for help.

The dog was taken to Animal Rahat’s field office for observation.

The dog didn’t appear to be injured from the fall, so the team dried him off and took him back to the office for rest and observation.

The dog is being groomed before being neutered by an Animal Rahat veterinarian.

The next day, an Animal Rahat veterinarian sterilized the dog. Once he recovered, he was returned to his village. The volunteer who provides the dog with food every day was grateful that he wasn’t harmed during his scary ordeal.

This cat was unable to eat or drink and couldn’t even close her mouth. A kind villager who noticed her plight called Animal Rahat’s emergency line, and the team rushed to the animal’s side.

This cat has a bone fragment stuck between her molars.

After a closer look, the team easily spotted the cause of the cat’s distress—a large bone fragment was stuck between her teeth.

The cat is being sterilized at an Animal Rahat field office.

The team removed the bone and took the cat back to the office for a healthy meal, water, and rest. They spayed her the next day.

This gorgeous jackal was likely chasing prey when the ground below him disappeared and he found himself tumbling into a 90-foot well! The well’s owner called Animal Rahat to rescue the distraught animal.

An Animal Rahat team member slowly descends into the deep well using lines secured to the ambulance.

Rappelling into deep wells to save animals is common for Animal Rahat’s trained staff. This staff member carefully lowered himself near the jackal, who was resting on slippery rocks above the waterline.

Now safe, the jackal is examined by a team member.

After reaching and sedating the jackal, the Animal Rahat team pulled him out with a net, dried his soaking-wet body, and put him in an enclosure so that they could treat the small injury near his eye before releasing him into the forest, far away from the well.

These remarkable rescues are possible because of Animal Rahat’s generous supporters. Please consider making a lifesaving donation today!