After this village dog unexpectedly fell into a 10-foot-deep chamber, he must have been terribly frightened when he realized that there was no way for him to get back out.

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Fortunately, a kind person noticed his plight and called Animal Rahat’s emergency line. Within minutes, the rescue team was on the scene, standing over the chamber and devising a plan as the wide-eyed, panting dog stared up at them.

An experienced rescuer steadily lowered himself down and began lightly tossing biscuits near the dog to try and win his trust. But the animal was so beside himself with worry that he ignored the treats, darted across the chamber, and tucked himself behind a broken slab of concrete that narrowly covered his face and shoulders. The rescue worker seized the opportunity and quickly sedated the dog on an exposed leg.

As the sedative took effect, another team member carefully lowered himself into the chamber; and together, they gently placed the now-relaxed dog in a burlap sack. Then rescuers aboveground slowly pulled him to safety.

Careful not to use loud voices or big gestures, the team works quietly and slowly as they place the dog in the sack, and the team above pulls him to the top.

After a full examination revealed that the dog had escaped injury, the team covered the chamber to prevent any other animals from falling victim to the same predicament. They then took the dog back to the office and gave him a healthy meal and plenty of water after the sedation had worn off.

The following day, the team vaccinated and sterilized him and groomed him affectionately. When the dog fully recovered and was lively and happy again, they took him back to his village and released him.