Imagine this young dog’s confusion and despair when he fell down a 15-foot-deep gutter. Luckily, his fall was broken by a pile of trash.

This dog lay at the bottom of a 15-foot-deep gutter, stunned and surrounded by trash.

His cries of distress alerted a passerby to his plight, and they, in turn, alerted Animal Rahat’s emergency response team. Once on the scene, a staff member lowered a ladder into the hole and climbed down. He scooped up the scared dog and hoisted him back up onto solid ground.

The pup was wet and cold. The team dried him off and wrapped him in a blanket. Next, a thorough exam was in order, but thankfully, there were no injuries. The team transferred him to the Sangli office for hearty meals and sterilization.

Once on solid ground, the dog is dried with towels and wrapped in a warm blanket.

The dog got used to affectionate grooming sessions, play, and exercise, but the best was yet to come. Animal Rahat found him a permanent home. Now his future is guaranteed: He’ll always have caring humans to keep him safe, well fed, and loved!