Acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, police in the city of Kalyan recently discovered three neglected dogs living in deplorable conditions at an illegal boarding facility. They had gone for days without any access to food, and each suffered from untreated tick infestations and severe anemia. Soon after police found them, their owner—fearing legal action—surrendered the animals and agreed not to keep any other dogs at the horrid facility.

PETA India loads the dogs into an ambulance that will take them to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Sangli.

Because they needed expert care and rehabilitation, the trio was moved to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Sangli, where veterinarians immediately began tending to them.

Faby lies down comfortably as staff members meticulously remove ticks and treat her open wounds.

With their days of misery behind them, the three—John, Faby, and Siya—were welcomed to their new home. It won’t be long before they’re happily romping around the sanctuary with other rescued animals!

John, Faby, and Siya are enjoying life at Animal Rahat’s sanctuary in Sangli.