Animal Rahat to the rescue! Lying on the side of the road in desperate need of care was not a fair start to life for this precious foal.

The misery of an infected wound teeming with maggots left this tiny foal so miserable that he collapsed by the side of a busy highway, perhaps hoping someone would stop and come to his rescue.

As it was much too dangerous to tend to him alongside the highway, the team stopped traffic to make way for the ambulance after veterinarian Dr. Amit determined that the foal was too weak to make the journey on foot to the nearest field office. He scooped up the little fellow and whisked him off to a temporary shelter where his wound could be dealt with. After a week of giving him round-the-clock care and sweet treats to help him recover from his traumatic ordeal, the team welcomed him to the Sangli sanctuary and named him Sultan. Before long, this sweetheart was sprinting around the sanctuary with his newfound friends. Welcome, Sultan!

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