Animal Rahat’s humane education program recently reached more than 700 students in one month!

As a testament to the success of this program, meet young Jaywant and this beautiful rescued puppy.

Jaywant was walking down a busy road after attending a Compassionate Citizen lesson in his village when he heard small, frantic cries coming from a nearby bush.

Knowing from his lesson that humans have a responsibility to look out for village animals, he peered into the bush and found a tiny puppy staring up at him! The puppy was so sad, and since no one was around to care for her, he cradled her in his arms and raced home.

He showed the pup to his parents and said that he was going to look after her. Seeing the compassion their son had for the dog, his parents called a local veterinarian to have her examined and gave Jaywant their blessing by accepting the little tyke into their family.

Teaching children empathy and compassion for the many animals humans abandon or abuse has transformed this puppy’s prospects from helpless to happy.