2013-11.Sunder being beaten

As you know, Animal Rahat works to free elephants from temples, where they’re used to beg for money and where they are usually chained 24 hours a day, unable to take even a single step in any direction. I have an update on Sunder, the 14-year-old elephant who, when we first discovered him, had been beaten so badly that his eye was injured. You may recall that last year, we launched an international campaign and got the government to order his release to a sanctuary. But then his owner secretly moved him, and no one knew where he was.

We finally located him chained inside a dark poultry shed. An investigator managed to get video footage of Sunder lying helplessly on the ground in chains and being beaten mercilessly, and submitted that evidence to the Bombay High Court. The good news is that last week, the court ordered Sunder to be released by the end of the year! All we can do now is hope that this time we have won for good!