After squeezing himself through a small opening in a drain, not expecting anything but a new adventure, this poor puppy couldn’t find his way back out. He was stuck! He tucked in his tail, pulled his body into a tight ball, and started wailing for help at the top of his lungs.

This sad little puppy is crying for help.

Animal Rahat’s team was returning from another rescue when they heard his panicked cries and found him.

Animal Rahat followed the puppy’s cries and found him inside a drain.

When soft voices and gentle pats of reassurance didn’t calm him, they carefully sedated the distraught puppy. As he slept, the team was able to move him toward the opening and squeeze his little body back out of the drain.

Safely at the office, the puppy awoke immediately and started wagging his tail. He enjoyed a good meal and explored his new surroundings with fervent curiosity, then happily settled into someone’s lap to snooze.

The puppy discovered that life with loving humans is comforting.

He spread his youthful joy and excitement around the office for five days before staff gave him a tearful sendoff, having found him a loving new home.