This is the second of two blog posts featuring videos highlighting how Animal Rahat’s rescue team changed the lives of four dogs—each of whom fell victim to human-made hazards. If you missed the first part of this series, you can find it here.

The dog in the video below got his head stuck in a gate while trying to grab food on the other side. When rescuers from Animal Rahat found him, he was terrified and desperately struggling to free himself. They calmed him down and gently pulled him out. Before returning him to his neighborhood, the team neutered and vaccinated him and gave him fresh food and water.

In India, uncovered wells pose a danger to both animals and humans. It’s nothing short of miraculous that the puppy in this next video survived a fall down a deep, narrow well. After an Animal Rahat team member hoisted her to safety, she was offered food and water and spent a day resting. The veterinary team spayed and vaccinated her before releasing her back into her neighborhood, where local residents promised to look after her.

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