A beautiful new foal has made her way into the world—Radha!

Newly born Radha suckles her mother’s milk.

Radha’s mother, Bulbul, was recently rescued by PETA India and taken to Animal Rahat’s sanctuary outside Delhi. She was starving, pregnant, and exhausted. Day in and day out, the horse had been forced to pull heavy carts—without a healthy meal or any concern for the new life growing inside her. Bulbul was so malnourished that her backbone juts up and her hip bones almost protrude through her skin. However, she and the other horses at the sanctuary—all of whom were recently rescued from the haulage trade—are now on a closely monitored diet so that they can build their strength without overwhelming their digestive systems.

Now, Bulbul and Radha will never be separated and their every need will be expertly tended to.