How was this terrified cat ever going to survive? A desperate attempt to reach a morsel of food at the bottom of a pot suddenly left this tom unable to see, eat, or drink—even breathing was a struggle.

This cat was found with his head fully encased in a small steel pot.

Homeless animals scavenging through garbage for anything to eat will often stick their heads into containers that smell like they may have food inside.

This dog’s head was fully encased in a plastic container. His chances of surviving on the streets went from “not great” to “not likely” within seconds—simply for trying to find something to eat.

This image shows a village dog with his head stuck inside a plastic jug.

Thankfully, both animals were spotted by villagers who called Animal Rahat for help. The team not only freed the dog and cat but also destroyed both containers, crushing the steel pot and tearing apart the plastic one.

You can help, too! Properly disposing of trash is vital, especially those objects with a circular opening. They should be either cut or crushed.

These images show the containers after Animal Rahat destroyed them so no other animal would get their head stuck in it.