Locals know that Animal Rahat is the group to call when they spot an animal of any species in trouble, and that’s exactly what a villager did when he noticed a pigeon sitting in front of his house for hours, apparently unable to fly.

The emergency response team reached the house and gently picked up the bird. An examination revealed no external injuries, but something was clearly wrong. They transported the bird to the office for further assessment.

An Animal Rahat staff member swaddles the pigeon in a cloth.

Once there, the verdict was exhaustion and possible weakness from malnutrition. One of the veterinarians administered multivitamin drops, and then the pigeon was allowed to rest in a quiet, dark nook.

When enough time had elapsed, the team drove the bird to a safe, familiar open area and watched as, refreshed and rested, the pigeon flew away.

The team releases the pigeon in a safe area.