If a kind person hadn’t thought to call Animal Rahat for help after hearing a commotion coming from a deep well, this jackal might not be alive today.

A jackal who fell into a deep well desperately tries to escape.

When the rescue team arrived, they had to get creative after discovering that there was no safe place to anchor their rappelling equipment. The rescuers worked together to lower their teammate onto the ledge near the jackal, and he was able to scoop her into a net and hoist her to safety.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team works together to pull their team member and the jackal out of the well.

After carefully examining the jackal to make sure she wasn’t injured and giving her some time to recuperate, the team drove her to a nearby forest, opened the net, and watched as she darted off back to her home.

With no injuries, the jackal is released back into her natural habitat.