Calls about trapped snakes have been lighting up Animal Rahat’s emergency lines lately, including one about a Russell’s viper trapped in a massive reservoir.

The snake was forced to swim nonstop five grueling days after finding himself unable to scale the reservoir’s steep, plastic-covered incline.

This Russell’s viper wound up in a reservoir and couldn’t escape.

The rescuers who arrived had nothing to anchor their rappelling equipment to, so they got creative. Two team members used their bodyweight to secure the rope of a third team member as he scampered down the steep slope to reach the exhausted viper. He carefully grabbed the snake using tongs, lifted him into a bag, and slowly made his way back to dry land.

The team was able to rescue the tired snake from the reservoir.

Thankfully, the lucky snake hadn’t sustained any injuries from his ordeal, and after a thorough examination, his rescuers released him and watched as he gratefully slithered back into his forest home.