Animal Rahat was founded in 2003 to make a difference in the lives of working bullocks, donkeys, ponies, horses, and other animals in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. Veterinary teams at five regional offices help thousands of animals in often desperate need, while the group’s three sanctuaries provide rescued and retired animals with a lifetime of care.

Animal Rahat’s three sanctuaries serve as oases for rescued and retired animals—peaceful homes where they can live out their days in comfort and safety with the best care available.

The regional teams operate in Pandharpur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur, and Siyana where they perform emergency services, including rescues, and provide desperately needed veterinary care. The teams are composed of veterinarians, veterinary assistants, volunteers, and determined scouts who travel by motorbike, constantly on the lookout for animals in trouble.

An Animal Rahat staff member attends to a dog with a broken clay jar stuck around their neck.

Animal Rahat provides a wide range of services throughout these rural areas, all with the goal of improving animals’ lives. It rescues wildlife from life-threatening circumstances, spays and neuters community dogs, performs community outreach, leads innovative mechanization projects to replace working animals, and conducts humane education workshops that help young people see the importance of having compassion for others.

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