Every animal is an individual, and Samarth, Bablu, and Roshani are three of the more than 21,300 animals who received Animal Rahat’s help in 2020.

Samarth, an elderly, abandoned camel with a host of health issues, found sanctuary and received the medical treatment that he would have died without. Precious buffalo calf Bablu, orphaned and chased by a butcher, was spared slaughter and gained a family of three big buffalo brothers. Once not-so-pretty ponies, Roshani, Balumama, Muskan, Sallu, and Roshan will never again struggle to haul a heavy tonga cart after Animal Rahat’s landmark mechanization program helped all five retire to a peaceful sanctuary home and helped their former owners purchase auto-rickshaws, which are more reliable and humane than those pulled by horses.

Learn about the many other animals whose lives were improved because of Animal Rahat in its 2020 Annual Review.

Animal Rahat’s 2020 Annual Review