Please take a few minutes today to read Animal Rahat’s 2015 Annual Review and learn more about how the work that you and other kind people fund has directly benefited neglected and abused animals in dire circumstances.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Animal Rahat has helped modernize sugar factories—mini-tractors have replaced more than 13,400 bullocks who had been forced to haul heavy loads of sugarcane from the fields. In 2015, we also provided thousands of people with alternate transportation to the Chinchali Fair so that thousands of ponies, horses, and bullocks could be spared the long, grueling journey; responded to more than 2,600 emergency calls, helping everyone from terrified cats trapped at the bottom of deep abandoned wells to donkeys injured on busy roadways; set up life-changing spay/neuter programs to help “community dogs” in several villages; and much, much more.


As you’ll learn from our new Annual Review, financial support of Animal Rahat is improving the lives of so many animals in need and helping us make tremendous strides toward ending the suffering of India’s working animals.

We thank those who support Animal Rahat for their compassion and we look forward to updating you on our ambitious plans during the year to come!