The 10-acre sanctuary in Sangli, which opened in January 2016, includes a surgical facility, a kitchen, a classroom, sand beds, self-grooming posts, shade canopies, and plenty of room for the residents to rest or run and play together. There is even a pond that they can splash and swim in to cool off in the hot weather or just for fun.

Dogs, water buffaloes, cows, bullocks, horses, ponies, donkeys, and camels call the Sangli sanctuary home. They come from all sorts of situations—some endured hard labor in the sugar trade or were forced to perform in circuses, while others were rescued after being orphaned, being abandoned, or sustaining life-threatening injuries.

The Sangli sanctuary also hosts visits from local schoolchildren as well as workshops and demonstrations for animal owners and veterinarians on topics such as proper grooming techniques and methods for painlessly castrating bulls—reducing suffering for many, many animals in Maharashtra.

This sanctuary is unique because it’s home to more than 10 different types of animals, including roosters, mice, and rats. Their custom-built areas are full of enrichment, and the roosters even enjoy roaming the sanctuary yard with the resident dogs and caretakers!