Although Animal Rahat must work to help individual animals every day, it knows that the best way to help working animals is by changing the attitudes and practices of their owners. That’s why the group engages in extensive community outreach. It hosts workshops and practical demonstrations to inform owners of proper grooming practices, hoof maintenance, parasite control, alternatives to painful devices like nose ropes and hobbles, and other important ways to prevent their animals from suffering.

Through the Compassionate Citizen program, Animal Rahat visits local schools and encourages children to be kind and respectful to animals. The program also teaches them how to become activists for animals, doing or saying something when they see an animal who is ill, injured, or being abused.

The team also attends fairs and festivals to which large numbers of animals transport attendees or where they’re sold, sharing information about compassion and humane animal-care practices. Animal Rahat holds workshops and demonstrations on site at these events so that attendees can return home with greater knowledge of how to take care of their working animals.