Steel yourself for this description of how castration can be an agonizing ordeal for bulls in India, where untrained veterinarians frequently use bricks or other crude tools to smash the animals’ testes repeatedly until the blood vessels and nerve endings die. Imagine the agony! It’s a procedure that is as painful for a bull as it would be for a human being. Thankfully, Animal Rahat is working to end this barbaric practice by training veterinarians across the country to use modern, painless castration methods.

In October, an Animal Rahat veterinarian led a workshop on painless castration for India’s Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, teaching 106 veterinarians in Maharashtra simple and effective ways they can prevent the suffering of thousands of bulls each year.

Veterinarians gather for painless-castration training led by Animal Rahat.

After learning the principles of the painless method—including blindfolds to calm the bull and the use of pain medication—veterinarians went into the field and actually watched the procedure be performed on a bull.

Veterinarians watch as Animal Rahat’s Dr. Chetan Yadav performs the painless castration of a bull.

Thanks to your support, Animal Rahat’s education programs are changing practices and building a far kinder India for animals.