This image shows a bull lying down at the bottom of a dry well eating fresh grass provided by an Animal Rahat rescuer.
Unable to escape or even stretch his legs, this bull was scared stiff, stranded at the bottom of a dark, 25-foot well.

The rescue team rushed to help this frightened bull but discovered that the well was much too narrow to pull him out. Unused wells like this must be covered by law, so staff reminded the owner of this and he agreed to let the team tear it down to reach the terrified fellow, one small piece at a time so as to prevent debris and bricks from hitting the bull below. When the well was sufficiently demolished to allow them to carefully lift the bull to safety, up he came! Luckily, he hadn’t broken any bones in his tumble, but the veterinarian tended to all his scrapes and cuts and gave him a dose of pain medicine and a sweet treat to ease his distress after the traumatic event. Since there was a bulldozer on site, the team was able to fill in the well to prevent any other animal from meeting a similar—or worse—fate.