This image shows Haushya, a large white bullock, standing in the sanctuary yard, looking at the camera.
Haushya was forced to haul construction materials for his owners, but this big boy’s future is bright now!

For 13 years, Haushya knew nothing but drudgery. This handsome fellow was goaded into hauling iron bars and other heavy construction materials until his old, arthritic body could give no more. The team’s persistence to have his owner mechanize the work paid off, and Haushya was finally freed from that merciless existence. When he first arrived at the Sangli sanctuary to begin his new life, the terror of his past left him wary of staff. But he’s slowly come to realize that caretakers offer only kindness, relaxing grooming sessions, and occasional sweet treats. He has made friends with other rescued bullocks who seem to do their best to reassure the gentle giant that all is well. He’ll never have to see another yoke, cart, or nose rope againall have been replaced with the freedom simply to live and be loved.