A group of veterinary school interns joined Animal Rahat in the field to learn techniques for painlessly castrating bulls.

Bulls in India are often still subjected to torturous methods of castration. Crude tools—sometimes a pair of bricks—are frequently used to crush the testes’ vessels and nerves without anesthetics.

To help stop this torment, Animal Rahat recently held a special workshop for veterinary school students on painless castration.

Animal Rahat has been working fervently to inform India’s many government veterinarians about field-anesthesia techniques that allow for painless castration, and it recently expanded its program to students attending veterinary schools in Maharashtra.

Animal Rahat takes students into the local villages to demonstrate painless castration techniques on bulls.

All the veterinary students who participated in the latest workshop watched the procedure be performed by a team of experts from Animal Rahat and saw just how much easier this method is on bullocks. The students said that they’d never seen the use of anesthetics on ruminants. They were excited to learn that through this modern method, they could actually prevent the intense pain that bullocks experience from the outdated method, and they were thrilled to follow Animal Rahat’s lead.

The workshop was so successful that Animal Rahat plans to hold more rounds of workshops for students—socially distanced and masked, of course—and hopes to expand the program to veterinary schools across India. It will continue to lead the way, guiding veterinary professionals in leaving the old torturous methods in the past.