Millions of bullocks are used in hard labor across India every year, but that’s not the only miserable part of their existence. It takes a strong stomach to watch the routine method of castrating them used by veterinarians there. While the bull is held down by ropes—still fully aware and given no pain relief at all—his testicles are crushed. But thankfully, Animal Rahat’s staff is teaching veterinary college students how to sterilize bulls properly and painlessly.

In a recent workshop, 195 students and 15 faculty members at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Parbhani watched attentively as Animal Rahat veterinarian Dr. Chetan Yadav painlessly performed the procedure.

A bull is being groomed.

This bull won’t feel a thing. The students observe from a distance while he’s brushed to help abate his anxiety.

After the demonstration, participants headed into a lecture hall, where Animal Rahat’s chief operating officer, Dr. Naresh Upreti, guided the students on field anesthesia in large animals. He also provided the attentive class with important lessons on animal welfare and animal protection laws to help prepare them for the lifetime of helping animals that lies ahead for them.

Students listen as an Animal Rahat veterinarian explains the painless castration method.

The team’s enlightening and informative sessions were a huge hit with the students, as were the delicious vegan lunches provided!