2020 was an extraordinary year, but through it all, Animal Rahat’s team delivered nonstop care to overworked, abused, and neglected animals.

The whole team gave life-changing relief to donkeys forced to work in brick kilns and ponies made to haul overloaded carts through hectic city streets. Team members fed hundreds upon hundreds of dogs, donkeys, bullocks, and other animals whose sources of food vanished overnight when India went into lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they plucked dozens of frightened animals from dangerous open wells. The scouts removed painful nose ropes and torture devices from working bullocks whenever they found them, and the veterinary team ensured that bullocks suffering from horn and eye cancer received the treatment they so desperately needed. When the pandemic led classrooms to close, the Compassionate Citizen program ramped up the group’s work to foster respect for animals through socially distanced workshops held in kind teachers’ homes.

Learn about all the exciting and creative ways Animal Rahat made a difference for thousands of animals in 2020 in its new Annual Review!

Animal Rahat’s 2020 Annual Review