This image shows a dog and her four puppies in the well surrounded by garbage.

These dogs spent a horrid three months trapped at the bottom of a 30-foot dry well, and no one tried to help them out until Animal Rahat was called.

The pungent smell of rotting food attracted a pregnant and hungry village dog to the well, but she must have been frantic after the long fall to find herself unable to escape. She survived on the trash that people tossed over the side, lonely among the flies before giving birth to four puppies. Animal Rahat to the rescue!

One villager found the group’s emergency number and called. The rescue team rushed to the well and, one by one, pulled the whole family from their cement prison, allowing the pups to see a whole new world for the first time.

Their well-dwelling days behind them, the family was taken to the group’s refuge in Maharashtra where nutritious food and clean water were awaiting them. The puppies romped and rolled in the grass, their little tails wagging a mile a minute! After being groomed, sterilized, and vaccinated, they were taken back to their village to start life anew.