Two goat kids are sitting closely together at the bottom of a deep well. These gorgeous goat kids had to spend the night without their mother in a deep well until their owner called Animal Rahat for help.

A playful romp took a turn for the worse when unsuspecting goat kids Yuvaan and Satvika took a 40-foot tumble to the bottom of a well. Animal Rahat to the rescue! The pair huddled up to each other as their rescuers suited up in rappelling gear, zipped down to the bottom, and carefully hoisted each one up to safety.

The rescue team carefully gathers each goat, and brings them safely aboveground.

Veterinarian, Dr. Chetan thoroughly looked them over and miraculously found none the worse for wear. Their relieved mother showered Yuvaan and Satvika with affection as the hungry pair quickly latched onto her to nurse. Giving them space to reunite, the team pulled the owner aside and talked to him about creating a barrier around the well to help keep animals safe. The kids are alright thanks to Animal Rahat!