This kitten released the loudest mews he could muster after tumbling 25 feet into a sewer. A nearby villager heard his cries and knew Animal Rahat would help.

The kitten calls out for help from the bottom of a deep sewer.

Rappelling into the sewer wasn’t an option, so the team asked the fire brigade to bring a ladder. When Animal Rahat’s rescuer reached the bottom, the kitten darted into a hole too narrow for a hand. So the rescuer set up a trap with fragrant food and patiently waited.

Unable to ignore pangs of hunger, the kitten timidly stepped inside the cage, and the trap door closed. Success! He was soon peacefully asleep after being neutered and vaccinated at the office. The team got to work finding him a loving home, where he happily lives today.

The kitten now happily lives with his new family and is kept safely indoors.