Massive wells are a common sight in rural India, and those that don’t contain water are often filled with mountains of smelly garbage. These “deep litter holes” are a nightmare for animals. The pungent stench of rotting food attracts them, and when they fall in, they can rarely get out.

The iron grate covering the top of this well was in a state of disrepair, so when this little cat was looking for supper, she easily slipped through—only to tumble down 60 feet to the putrid pile at the bottom.

A little cat fell to the bottom of a 60-foot-deep well.

Her frantic mews for help reached the ears of a kind human, who asked the team for help. Animal Rahat to the rescue!

An Animal Rahat staff member rappelled down the deep well to rescue the cat.
The cat’s rescuer descended to the bottom of the well using a rope.

The rescuer caught the cat with a net, and she was soon gently hoisted to the top by the team aboveground. Success!

Fortunately, the cat wasn’t injured in the big tumble, but she rode to the nearest field office with the rescuers, who served her food and spoke gently to her while she relaxed. After a couple of days, the on-call veterinarian spayed and vaccinated her. When she was fully recovered, the rescuers took her back to her village.