Imagine the terror of suddenly finding yourself plummeting 25 feet down, your body crumpling as it hits the dry, packed dirt at the bottom.

This poor cow went through just that and was lying down, exhausted and resigned to the idea that she may never leave the well, when the Animal Rahat rescue team arrived.

The cow had fallen all the way down this dry well.

Staff descended into the well and comforted the frightened animal before securing straps around her stomach to hoist her safely aboveground with a crane.

The team descended into the well and comforted the cow.

Soon, the abandon cow’s day was starting to look up.

Staff named her Meena and welcomed her to an Animal Rahat sanctuary, where she’ll never have to worry about a fall like that again!

The grateful animal is now enjoying daily grooming, nutritious food (including tasty treats), and the endless companionship and love of her caretakers and fellow residents.

Meena loves the caretakers and snacks at the Ranapur sanctuary.